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The hidden diamond


It’s hard to talk about yourself and your work when things have always happened as if by chance, unexpectedly.

My name is Aldo Fioriti and I am a jewelry designer.

Primordial instincts left free to express themselves took me around the world, like an autopilot.

They made me go through physical and mental places that reflect the purposes for which each of us arrived on this crazy and fascinating planet.

As an old wise Andean told me, in every man there is a hidden diamond.

Each facet showcases a different aspect of him.

But every facet reflects it.

I had to find my diamond.

I found it when I overcame what seems like divisions – the walls between what I am and what I am gradually becoming.

And I sought harmony, what I considered an unattainable coherence given the multiplicity of a man’s identities to remain himself.

In my new project, ‘THE HIDDEN DIAMOND’, which undoubtedly reflects this characteristic, I have made it manifest in various product lines where there is all the love and respect for human complexity. 

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The “DYNAMIC” Line of bracelets offers a variety of elements mixed together such as metal with leather.

They represent the determination and strength combined with the sensitivity of today’s man.

A man who knows when to act and when to wait.

Who knows how to win a battle, but also lose and restart, learning to walk on the shards when necessary.

A line suitable for the most varied environments, at work as in sports, at dinner with friends, for an after-dinner in sweet company .   

The reflection of a slightly more rebellious and transgressive character lives in the proposal of the “ROCK FASHION” Line.

Here we come up contested by latent disapprovals.

The awareness of being, at the bottom, part of a system that wants to frame, control and direct us.

In an environment in which we are almost deprived of the possibility of truly choosing our own path, because we are suffocated by the interests of a few.

A gesture of defiance, a slap, a tongue, always and in any case of the man who does not want to get caught up in clichés.

A man who on occasion knows how to shout his truth in the face while knowing that he belongs to a community, and therefore to the duty of peaceful coexistence.

A man who participates but stands out.

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Not to be overlooked is the most ephemeral and sensual aspect of contemporary man represented by the “CHARME” Line.

There are times when we abandon ourselves to the dream, letting ourselves be carried away by the wonderful senselessness of the things that make us feel sparkling and a little brazen.

A desire for happiness without problems.

The pleasure of melting the body to the rhythm of music, opening the smile with your mouth open, feeling the desire for an endless life.

Moments of such perfection in which everything else is forgotten and we turn into a wandering antenna that receives only the beauty of things, of people, of the environment around.

We radiate light and freshness, energy and charm.

What could be more irresistible than experiencing a short spell?

CHARME was born with the aim of being art:

the attempt to immortalize the ephemeral, because, surprisingly, it is the only one that lasts.

Sometimes it can have repercussions that are prolonged over time, such as a gesture or a decision dictated by the inspiration of a sublime moment such as love, which arises from the sudden desire to make it eternal.    

But there is an even more dimensional nuance, symbolized by the “OVNI” Line and that is Unidentified Flying Objects.

The dimension of man is inextricably linked to the most ethereal and spiritual part of existence.

Belonging to a universal project that makes us feel immensely small but extremely important, beyond our beliefs or not.

That reminds us how fleeting we are, especially when we raise our eyes to the starry sky and are dazzled and bewildered by it.

When thoughts fly lighter than ever, until you get to an extreme immateriality.

A journey into emptiness where, in the end,

we cannot give ourselves certain answers but it is reassuring to return.

A journey to realize how comfortable our light blue planet is despite everything.

For this priceless opportunity to express, through art and daily commitment, I thank the life that has been granted to me.

That allowed me to give a purpose to the apparent nonsense, and furthermore initiate the discovery of the multiple facets of the hidden diamond.

Aldo Fioriti

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Aldo Fioriti



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